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A Legacy of Giving

Mr. Treadwell did not have a college education, but he wanted to give students in Mobile County the opportunity to go to college. He wanted to help students who grew up in unfavorable circumstances but who had the motivation and desire to better themselves.

The mission of the Joseph Treadwell Charitable Foundation is to benefit endeavors that further the advancement of community members residing in Mobile County through educational and charitable opportunities.

Scholarships Providing Opportunity For Students Demonstrating Need


The Joseph Treadwell Charitable Foundation provides grants for educational programs that benefit children across the County. They also provide post-secondary opportunities for students graduating from Mobile County High Schools and Baldwin County High Schools who have a desire to continue their education but may not have the opportunity to do so without a scholarship.


Organizations We Support

Building a Better Community Through Grants To Non-profit Organizations

The Treadwell Foundation provides grants for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, health and wellness programs for senior citizens and programs that improve the quality of life for the mentally handicapped in Mobile County.  Mr. Joseph Treadwell was particularly interested in favoring those institutions that work with individuals who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

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The Joseph Treadwell Charitable Foundation

The Joseph Treadwell Charitable Foundation

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